Meet the Author


Ty Allan Jackson

A father, a businessman, a publisher, an author. Ty Allan Jackson strives to be a man with purpose.

A Bronx, New York native and currently residing in The Berkshires, after years of working in corporate sales, Ty always felt he was meant to do more.

In 2009, Ty Allan Jackson was inspired by a question from his son, who was 7 years-old at the time, “Dad, can I open a lemonade stand?” This motivated him to seek out books that will teach his son about entrepreneurship and finance. Ty felt he didn’t have many options.

‘Danny Dollar Millionaire: The Lemonade Escapade’ was born from a father wanting to provide something more for his son and other children. This was Ty’s very first book and the beginning of his new purpose filled journey.

After submitting his manuscript to over 150 agents and being rejected by all of them, Ty’s determination did not stop there. Ty knew this book would be a much needed resource, which inspired him to launch his own publishing company Big Head Books in June 2010. He self-published ‘Danny Dollar Millionaire: The Lemonade Escapade’ in December 2010.

Getting the job done is exactly who Ty is. In just 2 ½ years, Danny Dollar Millionaire: The Lemonade Escapade, When I Close My Eyes and The Supadupa Kid, all self-published, have gained mass recognition in just a short time.

Due to the impact Ty has had as a publisher and author within his current community in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, January 2012 Ty was honored as the first recipient of the Martin Luther King Jr. Content of Character Award - Citations from Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick, Senator Downing and the House of Representatives.

Summer of 2012, one of Ty’s proudest moments since launching Big Head Books, he had the opportunity to gift his books to our First Lady Michelle Obama for Malia and Sasha.

‘Danny Dollar Millionaire: The Lemonade Escapade’ has been recognized by the largest African-American operated bank in the United States to be used as a tool to teach inner city youth about finance and open bank accounts.

Spring of 2013 “Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire  - The Lemonade Escapade" was featured as a serial story in the New England Newspapers. For 15 weeks over 4 million subscribers enjoyed a different chapter to the middle reader book that has been called “the most important book your child will ever read”.

July of 2013 Ty Allan Jackson, F.U.L.L. Co-founder Eddie Taylor and Big Head Books were bestowed with the “Berkshire Trendsetter Award” for promoting literacy.

Summer of 2013, ‘Danny Dollar Millionaire: The Lemonade Escapade’ partnered with Google for Entrepreneurs forLemonade Day Boston to teach kids about entrepreneurship.

Big Head Books has launched a movement to provide characters and content that entertain, inspire and educate. From a father wanting to teach his son, to now a publisher and author being recognized by schools, teachers, businesses and government officials, Ty Allan Jackson has found his purpose and is just getting started.