When I Close My Eyes - Educator's Guide

The world in which our students live has changed. Technology, social media and video games have replaced the more genuine and basic approaches for them towards forming friendships, enjoying recreational activities and reveling in the power of make-believe. While there is merit involved with understanding and having an affinity for technology, it is not enough to cover the loss of our students’ collective abilities to imagine. Imagination leads to innovation. Imagination leads to critical thinking skills and creative problem solving; people who are described as imaginative are also those people who take risks and know how to successfully handle challenges. Providing students with a classroom based forum for them to exercise their imagination is just as necessary as anything we give them. With the When I Close My Eyes educator guide there are a multitude of engaging and stimulating activities for you to use in your classroom that will ignite your students imagination and foster listening and speaking skills. When you open When I Close My Eyes in your classroom you will in fact be opening your students eyes to the wonders that await within our imaginations. Cost $3.50