YOU ARE AMAZING / I AM AMAZING is an “affirmation” book. It is a book that affirms to children just how special and AMAZING they are. The two things that make it unique is that instead of using computer generated illustrations I decided to use real children.
infant - 8
Supadupa kid book cover
Javon Williams was just a normal kid living a normal life, when suddenly a freak accident gave both him and Hoody, the neighborhood bully, amazing superpowers. As Hoody's Bullying skyrockets, Javon attempts to save the city by becoming The Supadupa Kid!
6 - 12
Danny Dollar book cover
I'm Dan, the man with the plan! That's what everybody calls me. Mostly because I'm gonna be a millionaire, and I've got plans to do it. At least that's what I thought until Pablo and his gang of knuckheads sabotaged my lemonade stand.
6 - 12
When I close my eyes book cover
Join Dot as she explores her own imagination. This brilliantly illustrated picture book will be a treasured favorite.
Infant - 6

Educator Guides

The world in which our students live has changed. Technology, social media and video games have replaced the more genuine and basic approaches for them towards forming friendships, enjoying recreational activities and reveling in the power of make-believe.
With the book and educator guide you will be able to teach your students the basics of finance, as well as exposing to them the concepts of entrepreneurship, overcoming obstacles and following their dreams. Throughout the book there are facts about finance and key words that are defined at the end of most chapters.
In the book The Supaduap Kid, we meet Jovan, an unlikely hero who becomes gifted with uncanny abilities through an unconventional twist of fate. These abilities include being able to conduct electricity and then manipulate and project it and the ability to fly.